Contrary to popular belief, as feminists, we don’t advocate for one specific option when a woman is faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Hence, we are pro-choice and not pro-abortion, and believe that it is a fundamental human right to have a number of options available to women who are faced with such a difficult situation.

National Abortion Federation is most likely the most comprehensive online resource on this topic. It outlines the options available, a handy list of abortion providers in your area, as well as toll-free hotline, available in both French and English.

Warning! Please be aware that the so-called “crisis pregnancy centres” are not medical clinics, but are run by religious pro-life organizations that openly lie to their clients, while professing to dispense unbiased information about abortion.

There is a number of them in Toronto, and they are often located next door to abortion clinics. They also usually employ “sidewalk counsellors,” who harass patient in their attempt to dissuade them from going to their appointments.

Many abortion providers in the city have responded to this by either hiring security guards or by recruiting clinic defense volunteers, who are always happy to walk with you to the clinic.

These fake clinics are not being regulated by the Government of Ontario, so they are free to say anything they want to their unsuspecting clients.


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