Pro-Woman, Pro-Choice: Reclaiming Feminism from the Clutches of So-Cons! is a blog written by two Toronto feminists and clinic defense volunteers who recognize that using feminist rhetoric of choice and empowerment in an attempt to roll back women’s reproductive rights is not feminist at all. Neither do we recognize conservative “feminists” as the “new face” of feminism or whatever else they profess to be.

What we hope to achieve is:

  • keep our readers informed of new developments in the state of abortion rights and access in Canada by posting links and insights to appropriate news items (Crusaders for Compulsory Pregnancy, Reproductive Rights),
  • raise awareness of the ongoing pro-life harassment of women at abortion clinics across Canada (Clinic Defense), and lastly
  • occasionally poke fun at amusing anti-choice nonsense, found online and elsewhere (No Comment).

What we are not here to debate is the right of Canadian women to abortion services. As such, this blog is not geared toward the pro-life crowd, unless you’re a pro-lifer of the progressive variety.

Confused why your e-mail wasn’t answered or your comment not approved? We have the answer.

We also welcome the presence of pro-life clubs on Canadian campuses, even though we obviously don’t agree with their backward position on women.

We dedicate this blog to Dr. Henry Morgentaler and his ongoing support of Canadian women and their rights.


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