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Woodworth Will Get His Day in the Commons

13 Mar
"Careful honey... he's anti-choice!"

Courtesy of Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics.

I’m sure you remember what Stephen Harper said during the election campaign last year. Well, that was one big fat lie, as expected. Stephen Woodworth is an MP who has been agitating to re-open the debate on women’s reproductive rights (what year are we in?) and today, a committee of MPs has agreed to debate his private member’s bill. 

Is Woodworth prepared for online and other sorts of hellfire? It seems so: 

Woodworth said his proposal will be wrapped up in the emotions that surround the abortion debate, but he doesn’t intend to back down even though his own party has said the government has no interest in reopening the abortion debate.

“The prime minister and justice minister have to speak for themselves. I don’t take any issue with any statement that the government won’t reopen this debate,” he said.

“I’m acting as a private member.”

No Comment: “Pro-Life Pharmacist”

4 Mar

Being a pharmacy student is tough. Being a pro-life pharmacy student is even tougher. I am accused of making things up and I am always told that what we dispense over the counter are not abortifacients.

It seems that the actual job is even tougher: 

A couple of months ago a guy (yes, a guy) came in for Plan B. I said I did not have any in stock and he asked why. I told him it can work by ending a new human life and he responded with “Oh, you’re one of those”.

It did not really bother me that much. I am one of those. I am one of those trying to fight for the truth in a relativistic world. I am one of those who is trying to raise awareness about life issues (isn’t it my job as a pharmacist to worry about life and health?). I am also one of those trying to be a voice for those who have no voice.

 —Danny Ricci a.k.a “prolifepharmacist”

I’m sure he’s not going to mind being featured here. He’s one of those. 

Genocide Awareness Project Straight to Your Mail!

4 Mar

Desperate time call for desperate measures…

If you live in Calgary, it is possible that you received a postcard with a GAP image (and no, I don’t mean a slim, retouched model promoting overprice apparel). The people behind it are from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, fronted by one self-righteous individual named Stephanie Grey, who had this to say:

“The lives of pre-born children trump the feelings of born children and children are being killed in this community.”

I think that many parents whose kids unavoidably found the postcard in their mailbox would disagree. What is particularly unsettling, but not new, is the implications that the medical staff are apparently killing babies—the cards are targeting an abortion clinic and state that the fetus that is depicted in the image was “Killed by a doctor.”

Keep up the good work, CCRB! The more radical you get in your efforts to reopen the debate about women’s rights, the more successful you will get, I’m certain of that.


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