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More of Those Classic “Abortion is Murder” Images

11 Aug
Genocide Awareness Project in Almonte, ON

Genocide Awareness Project in Almonte, ON

Once again, pro-life demonstrators display lack of common decency and decide to parade with a bunch of Genocide Awareness Project photographs, this time in Ottawa Valley:  

A group called Show the Truth, which aims to provoke debate by displaying explicit photos of aborted fetuses, targeted Almonte, Arnprior and Carleton Place as part of a five-day campaign in the Ottawa area. Wednesday morning, they demonstration moved to downtown Ottawa, with protesters lining up along Bank Street.

“We have a relatively simple strategy of showing public the visual reality of abortion using documented photos of the remains of aborted children at each trimester,” says Rosemary Connell, a teacher from Lindsay, Ont., who co-founded the group.

Reaction against this, ahem… “campaign” was swift and it seems, mostly negative. I wonder why pro-lifers are surprised that it usually backfires.

Just a thought: perhaps they don’t realize that using such extreme tactics to present their point of view is well, unwelcome, and in bad taste? Maybe that puts them in the same light as religious fanatics, who on one hand advocate for a smaller government that shouldn’t interfere in people’s private lives and on the other call for a total ban on a medical procedure that is a private matter between a woman and her doctor?

I understand that many parents become upset when their young children are confronted with those images and then they are in an awkward position of explaining to them what it is.  That’s not right. At the same time, and perhaps more importantly, we must keep in mind that they profess to take a high moral ground only by attempt to illicit shame, regret and guilt in women who have opted to have the procedure. 

In addition, the fact that this campaign is drawing criticism even in this part of the country leads me to doubt its success anywhere else. I’ve travelled to and spent time in Smith Falls and other parts of Lanark County over the last few years, and from my experience, and these areas tend to be socially conservative. 

Linda Gibbons Resurfaces in Front of the Morgentaler Clinic in Toronto

8 Aug

Just like she promised back in June, Linda Gibbons is continuing her crusade of harassment of women entering abortion clinics in Toronto. However, as she must have expected, her usual martyrdom was cut short, first by the security guard employed by the clinic and then by a couple of police officers. And now there’s a video of it, too:

I almost pity her. Well, look at her, a frail church lady seemingly exercising her freedom of free speech, being intimidated by all of these cops, put into handcuffs and then packed into a police cruiser?

Now, that would be all fine and dandy if she wasn’t such a damn creep and if she actually chose to obey the law. She is permitted to stand outside of the property of the clinic and preach her message, as long as she doesn’t step inside the bubble zone.  She exemplifies what annoys me the most about the pro-lifers that I encounter in front of another clinic: their sense of entitlement to interfering in women’s private matters. It’s unwelcome, unwarranted, and essentially, creepy.

Since Tim Hudak spectacularly made an ass of himself by the way in which he handled the question of his stance on abortion a couple of weeks ago,  I doubt he is going to stick his fingers into a piece of legislation that would get rid of the legal injunctions which currently protects several clinics in Toronto. And Gibbons’s continued insistence on trespassing actually provides further justification for keeping them in place anyway, so good luck to her, and I really mean it!


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