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Pro-Life Bill in the Fall? Abortion Rights Under Harper

25 May

I should have posted this two weeks ago, in the aftermath of the National March for Life. Julie van Dusen, a CBC reporter, interviewed (I think) the director of the Campaign Life Coalition and according to him, there will be an anti-choice private member’s bill in the fall. She later tweeted about this.

Julie van Dusen's Tweet

This was only ten days after the elections and the anti-choice crowd had already preparing for the attack on women’s rights.

As Joyce Arthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada reminds us, private members’ bills (which are usually introduced by backbenchers), are one of the tools in the hands of an anti-choice government that can use them to limit abortion access in this country. In the past, all anti-choice bills were defeated, but the possibility of any one of them passing greatly increases under a majority government.

To Stop Abortion, Kill Sluts: Facebook Groups

25 May
"Stop Abortion, Kill Sluts!" Facebook Group

Screencap of “Stop Abortion, Kill Sluts!” Facebook Group

It has become commonplace for pro-life web sites and blogs to insert a disclaimer of sorts which states that pro-life activists don’t condone violence, as though they attempt to distance themselves from convicted murderers like Scott Roeder. But I think that having such a proclamation in the first place is rather telling. There are radical elements in every movement of course, yet it is richly ironic than at times certain pro-lifers decided that it is their right, even duty, to take away what they profess to guard: life.

Some pro-lifers have argued that killing of abortion provides can be classified as justifiable homicide. In a recent book that I read, The Abortion Controversy, Chuck Spingola, a minister and a travelling pro-life crusader, writes that “Dead abortionists don’t kill babies, and a fire bombed death camp can no longer facilitate the holocaust against them.”

I suppose then I wasn’t really surprised that when I logged into Facebook yesterday and noticed that Antonia Zerbisias posted a link to a group named “Stop abortion, kill sluts,” which has already been taken down. Before that happened, however, almost 650 users joined the group. Some did it because they wanted to write on the wall and enlighten the admin on the subject.

At first, I thought that this group was just a bad joke. It was created by a teenaged girl, named Alicia Marie Morrison who uploaded edited pictures of herself and was asking those who joined the group to add her as a friend. But later she also professed that this was a real cause and telling those who disagreed (they were numerous) to “stop hating” on her page.

"Stop abortion, kill sluts!" Facebook group

(Yes, I have screencaps of the rest).

For the record, I don’t believe that pro-lifers generally agree with the principles that this group espouses. I also don’t think that this is the way in which they recruit young people. I’m sure some of them think that women who have sex and/or abortions are sluts, but this passionate young person is clearly misguided in her tasteless “twist” on slut shaming. Or maybe she just can’t get laid and she is “hating on” those women who can.

However, Morrison’s idea isn’t very original. The blogger at End Clinic Harassment was able to find three other groups devoted to the same cause:

No Comment: Aborted Soulmate

18 May

“I know I’m gonna catch a lot of flax [sic] for this but I truly believe that people who search their whole lives for their spouse and end up single in the end really did have a person intended for them but that person probably got aborted.”
—status posting on Facebook

Mary Wagner Let Off the Hook

16 May
Mary Wagner

Mary Wagner

The charges against Mary Wagner, the Canadian candidate for pro-life martyrdom, have been dropped:

Wagner recently stood trial on charges of trespassing and mischief. But after noting irregularities between Mary’s summons, the charge, and the testimonies, the judge decided to drop the charges [source].

Wagner was arrested following her illegal entrance into one of abortion clinics in Toronto in November 2010. Unfortunately, the witnesses were not able to get their story together, despite the fact that Wagner illegally entered the waiting room of the clinic and began to upset the patients. I’m not certain as to what she was telling them, but it was probably along the usual lines of “Don’t kill your baby” or “Life is precious!”

According to Life Site News, Mary Wagner has illegally entered the following clinics in Toronto over the years:

  • Choice in Health Clinic (February 2011),
  • Women’s Care Clinic (November 2010),
  • Bloor West Village Women’s Clinic (December 2010),
  • Women’s Care Clinic (April 2010).

Something tells me that clinics defense volunteers will be meeting her again sometime soon. Oh boy.


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